War On Christmas Week: 10 Amazingly Weird Nativity Scenes

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We’re celebrating War on Christmas Week at Mommyish! See our previous posts here.

Nativity scenes are a sacred part of the holiday tradition … or, possibly, an opportunity to showcase your very strange taste in Christmas decorations. We’ve already covered the Catalan tradition of including a miniature pooping figurine in among the wise men and shepherds, but the next piece in our coverage of the war on Christmas (not to mention the war on good taste) shows that there’s plenty of nativity-scene weirdness to be found on our side of the planet, too.

1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the baby Jesus!

x-men nativity scene(via)

Okay, this nativity scene is technically all X-Men, but I don’t think they have a catchy slogan like Superman’s. If you look closer, it appears that both Mary and Joseph are portrayed by different versions of Wolverine, as is the Christ child himself. With the amount of time travel the X-Men have survived, the plausibility of Wolverine becoming both of his own parents doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

2. I thought Joseph worked with wood, not bricks

lego nativity scene(via)

Mary (who is wearing a suspiciously pirate-y shirt here) must be much better at swaddling than I am, because she turned her baby into a perfect tube shape. Amazing.

3. Look at what the cat dragged in

cat nativity scene(via)

Several of these cats are either prayerfully looking skyward, or rolling their eyes at the existence of this set just as hard as I am. Money exchanged hands for the ownership of this. Why?!

4. That font better be Arial

minimalist nativity scene(via)

This minimalist nativity set should go perfectly on your Ikea end table.

5. Ángel we have heard on high

soda nativity scene(via)

How many cans of soda did someone dig through to make this serendipitous scene possible? I just wish they’d gone the extra mile and used an empty Coca-Cola case as the stable and a can koozie as the creche.

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