The Cast Of ‘Mean Girls’ Is Still Pretty Fetch All These Years Later

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Image: Paramount Pictures

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that pretty much imprints itself on your soul. We’re not talking about a movie that you watched once and enjoyed. We don’t even mean movies that you’ve a few times and know a few lines from. We mean movies that basically become a part of the fabric of your being. Movies that you fall in love with 10 minutes in, and watch every single time you find it on TV. The kind of movie that you memorize from start to finish, and know all the songs from the soundtrack by heart. You have a folder of memes and gifs JUST FROM THIS MOVIE. There are a handful of special movies like this. And for many of us, Mean Girls tops the list.

Sure, it’s technically a movie for the youths. Even when it came out in 2004 we were, uh, a bit above the target age range. A comedy set in high school about fremenies?? That ain’t for us! But somehow, Mean Girls crossed all boundaries, and united us all in comedy, an extremely quotable script, and one of the best casts ever. It’s been 15 years since the movie came out, but that cast is still near and dear to our hearts. So what’s happened with them in the last 15 years? Some have soared, some have stepped back. And some, well … some are Lindsay Lohan. Let’s take a look at the cast of Mean Girls, then and now!

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