6-Year-Old Boy Upset Over Parent’s Divorce Commits Suicide So My Heart is Broken On the Floor

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shutterstock_125082605__1374068271_74.134.205.46I have a hard time fathoming how a child this young can even understand the concept of suicide. I know this won’t bring back this little boy and other children at such a young age have also killed themselves, but it still breaks my heart and makes me wish that something, anything, could have been done to prevent this. Six is so little! It’s still Yo Gabba Gabba and making Lego guys talk age. It just makes me so sad. From The Argus Observer:


According to Clark, the victim was watching cartoons on the TV in the living room with his 7-year-old sister, while another sibling, a 13-year-old, was napping in a bedroom. The young boy’s mother and stepfather were both home at the time and were showering when the incident occurred.

The victim left his sister and went into the kitchen, which was near the living room, and the sister reported to police that she heard her brother making noise in the kitchen, Clark said.

The young boy proceeded to take off his belt, tie it into a makeshift noose and hang himself from the freezer handle of the family’s refrigerator, Clark said. After the cartoons ended, his sister went into the kitchen and found his body. Later, she told police that she thought it was about 20 minutes from the time he left her alone in the living room to the time she found his body.

Clark said that the girl began to scream and ran to find her parents, who immediately rushed to the kitchen, cut the belt and one parent performed CPR in a nearby bedroom while the other called 911.

After investigations with family members, school employees and friends it was discovered the little guy had anger issues that stemmed from his parent’s divorce two years earlier. Investigators weren’t able to tell if he meant to end his own life or if he truly understood the consequences of what he was doing. I feel so awful for his family and his other young siblings. I can’t imagine what all of these people are going through. It’s just so tragic. I have no idea how we can stop kids from thinking suicide is the answer, especially when it happens to ones who are so young. This baby really had his whole life ahead of him and I know divorce is hard on kids but it does get better. Stories like this are so hard. I sometimes wonder if when something like this happens that parents can sense that even though we don’t know them, that we are out here, and we care. I can’t understand the pain they are dealing with but I hope they know we all have them in our hearts.

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