The Super Tough Trend In Baby Names For 2013 Comes From Ancient Warriors

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baby namesWhether you’re having another child or not, I think we can all agree that judging and dissecting the latest baby name trends is one of the most enjoyable past times ever. There’s no right or wrong answer, just lots of opinions on the cuteness of possible little people monikers.

However, some opinions carry a little more weight than others and one of the heaviest is put out by the baby-naming gurus over at Nameberry. They’ve officially announced their baby name trends for 2013, so it’s time for all of us amateurs to take to the message boards and critique which names get our approval and which would have us shaking our heads should they turn up on a birth announcement in the next couple months. So what do they think will be the prevailing theme in baby naming this year? Well, they’re going back in time with Ancient Names. Via Huffington Post:

Russell Crowe’s “Gladiator” and HBO’s “Rome” may have kindled the trend for Ancient Roman names, but then the megahit “The Hunger Games” drove it into the big-time. With another film of the series set for November 2013, we predict that names of old world gods and goddesses, mythological heroes and leaders will dominate birth announcements. Choices we’ll be hearing more of include Augustus and Atticus, Persephone and Athena, Juno and Julius, Thor and Maeve. The appeal transcends the pop culture influence: These names are as powerful as they are deep, arming a child to triumph over earthly challenges.

First of all, I find it amazing that a movie released almost 13 years ago and a show no one was watching were really the impetus for this year’s trend in baby names. I’m sure there’s a lag time, but that feels like we’re stretching it a bit. I’ll agree though, names from The Hunger Games are decidedly ancient-warrior-esque, so the trend makes some sense.

As for the names they picked to make a comeback, I’m wondering if anyone could expect to be taken seriously after naming their child Thor. There is no guarantee that name will give you a child that looks like Chris Hemsworth. I will admit that when I was a little girl, I thought the name Persephone was really beautiful though. And I could definitely see a bunch of little Maeve’s running around a playground in Brooklyn.

As for other trends the baby name prognosticators see popping up in the new year, things are going to get decidedly chilly. Nameberry says baby names are heading north, seasonal names are getting wintery, and the ethnic group with growing influence are the Scandinavians. Look for Astrid, Stellan, Viggo, and Liv to gain prominence, along with seriously cold names like Winter and Snow.

And if one trend is rising, that means another has to fall. Who what baby names will be so 2012? The group predicts that double “L” names like Lily, Leila, and Lola have officially jumped the shark.

If you’re planning on getting pregnant in the next year, or if you’re already poring over baby name guides, better pick up some Greek and Roman mythology for a little on trend inspiration.

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