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A 2-Year-Old Mistook a Water Heater for a Robot and It’s so Pure It Hurts

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(YouTube / marxj1)

An adorable two-year-old girl is stealing hearts worldwide after a video of her mistaking a water heater for a robot went viral. Rayna, the world’s sweetest robot fan, was on a walk with her dad when they came upon a discarded old water heater their neighbor had left on the curb for trash pick up. The little girl thought the water heater was a robot, and her quick-thinking dad filmed her reaction for YouTube. Thank you, sir.

As the father-daughter duo approached the water heater, Rayna started greeting it with, “Hi, Robot! Hi, Robot!” It’s not hard to see why Rayna thought she was looking at a robot. The water heater is about the right height, and it has two large circles where eyes should be.

Her dad Jordan told Babble, “Rayna spotted this as we went out to play and started to say ‘robot!’ I turned on my camera to record as we approached the ‘robot.’”

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Rayna is clearly smitten with her new robot friend. After saying hello, Rayna decided that a response from the robot wasn’t necessary. She then gave the water heater a hug and several pats, exclaiming twice, “I love you robot!” My heart just exploded, you guys.

According to Rayna’s dad, the water heater stayed on the side of the road for a few more days, and Rayna visited it every day. When the water heater finally went to the big garbage dump in the sky, Rayna’s creative dad explained to her that the “robot” had returned to its home planet in outer space. That is so adorable I could cry.

The video, which dad Jordan uploaded on March 27th, has already been viewed more than two million times. Confession: at least a million of those views were from me.