Nurse’s Vaccination ‘Magic Trick’ Goes Viral Because It’s Pure Genius

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Kids vaccinations can be a thing of nightmares. Kids scream with each injection, sometimes developing a fear of needles and shots. No one likes taking a kid to get their shots. However, it seems if you have the right nurse, it doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience, according to KidSpot.

One nurse, whose name remains unreported, has gone viral for the way she gives shots. She calls it her “magic trick.” Parents took video of the nurse giving their son three shots, showing the world her impeccable technique.



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Step one – get the kid to trust her. She talks to the kid, engaging him in conversation, the whole time she is prepping the vaccinations. It’s crazy! The kid is watching her prep the needles but doesn’t seem concerned at all.

Step two – get a BIG HUG. She tells the boy to give her a hug. He has to show her how big his muscles are by squeezing her tight. Then he has to close his eyes. He follows her instructions and the next thing he knows, the shot is over.

It truly is magic! Well, kind of.

According to the video, the boy was bribed by his parents. If he didn’t cry during the shots, he was going to get five dollars.

And, while he did shout out during the first and last shot, there were no tears – at all. In my opinion, I think the kid just shouted because he thought the shot would hurt, not because it actually did.

What is truly remarkable about the video is how the nurse interacts with the boy. During the entire four minutes of the procedure, she doesn’t stop. She engages him, asks him questions, has him hug her. She tells him that he is a strong kid and that he is keeping his word by not crying. When she asked him how he would spend his five dollars, she managed to give him a shot while he was thinking about it. He didn’t even notice! Clearly, she really loves her job.


Next time your kid needs a shot – distraction is key! And maybe a little bit of bribery.

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