Fergie, Honey, What Were You Thinking?

Around 7 p.m. on Sunday night, I started to notice a lot of people talking about Fergie. Which was weird? Because when do people talk about Fergie? Aside from a little blip in the news last year when she and husband Josh Duhamel separated, I’d completely forgotten she existed. Well, she sure changed THAT last night. At the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday Night, Fergie was tapped to sing the National Anthem. What she did instead will from now on be known as the Fergie National Anthem. It will be studied and discussed for generations. It was so weird, it became it’s own thing.

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The Fergie National Anthem was a spectacle to behold. It started off fine! She looked gorgeous, four uniformed armed servicemen standing behind her. Then the drum started, and she began to … sing, I suppose.


For whatever reason, Fergie decided to do the National Anthem sexy. Like a weird, sexy jazz rendition of a song about bombs bursting and flags waving. She tried for a Marilyn Monroe/Eartha Kitt kind of vibe, it seems like? That style has it’s place, sure. In jazz clubs or when you’re drunk-singing karaoke with your friends. The stage at the NBA All-Star game was not the place for THAT.

The reactions of the players and people watching the game in the arena were hilarious. You can tell they were trying SO HARD not to laugh or control their faces so they weren’t like, W.T. FFFFFF. Some failed at that, obviously.

Obviously, the whole debacle has become a new, hilarious internet meme. Because if you’re going to get up there in front of millions of people and make a song about war sexy? Yeah, you’re going to get meme’d.

It certainly wasn’t the WORST rendition of the National Anthem we’ve ever seen. Anyone remember when Roseanne Barr scream-shrieked the anthem at a baseball game? Or when Kevin Hart did whatever it is he did to the song? But man. It was NOT GOOD.

I suppose we’ll always have this moment in time, when the Fergie National Anthem united us in a way we’ve never been united. So, thanks for that? Still trying to figure out what she meant by “gave proo”, to be honest.

(Image: Facebook/KPRC2 – Click2Houston)

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