10 Reasons I Love Being A Mom Even Though I Complain About Being A Mom

113184803I could easily extend this list to a million, because being a mom is the best thing in my life. Yeah, my kids are a total pain in the ass, they take all my monies, I’m pretty sure they have aged me prematurely and are possibly responsible for the fact I’m not America’s Next Top Model, but I love being a mom. I’ve written extensively about not loving being a mom at times. I’ve bloviated about how annoying kids can be. I’ve tried to share the good and the bad with you readers and I think I’ve done a pretty fair job of representing how this parenting journey has been for me. So far. But at the end of the day, the truth is, being a mom is the most amazing, wonderful, joyous thing I have ever done. Here are ten reasons why:

 1: My Kids Made Me Stop Being An Idiot 

If I didn’t have kids, I’d probably be vomiting in a dumpster somewhere right now, on top of one of my heels that I had magically lost while looking in said dumpster for a stray zirconium earring. My kids have made me grow up a lot, become responsible, learn that electricity is something that adults actually have to pay for.

2: My Kids Amuse Me To No End 

My kids always make me laugh, or cheer me up, or say something unintentionally funny on a daily basis. My life is way more amusing with these small humans in it.

 3: My Kids Have Made Me A Better Person

I care a lot more about the world, about injustice, about political issues now that I have kids. It makes me think a lot more about what sort of world I want them to grow up in.

4:  On the Other Hand, My Kids Give Me An Excuse To Act Like An Idiot 

Being a grownup can be hard. Sometimes I just wanna eat the frosting off cupcakes or have a dance party in my living room in the middle of the day. When you have kids, you always have a partner in acting like a child.

 5: My Kids Taught Me The Valuable Life Lesson Of What Fear Really Is 

I thought I knew how it felt to be afraid in life. I have no idea what fear was until the first time one of my kids was in the hospital.

 6: My Kids Made Everything I Love About Life That Much Better 

They make every day that much better, not to mention holidays and birthdays and simple family dinners. Being able to travel with them and explore the world with them is that much better by the fact I have these people to share it with.

 7: My Kids Taught Me That I’m OK 

All the nitpicky little things I criticize myself for don’t matter to my kids. They don’t care how my hair looks, or that I’m wearing an ugly sweater, or that I’m not the perfect homemaker. They love me for just being their mom.

 8: My Kids Make Me Proud Every Single Day 

They are good humans, they stick up for their friends, they display empathy, and care about others and the world around them. I’m proud of the sort of people they are growing into.

9: Built-In Cuddle Partners 

Enough said.

10: They Floor Me Daily That Something This Amazing Came From Me

I don’t know if any of you feel the same, but I’m constantly amazed that these kids came from me. I never expected to help create anything this wonderful. I just feel so lucky that I have these people in my life.

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