If You Don’t Want People To Insult Your Parenting, Maybe Don’t Film Your Toddler Projectile Vomiting

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.34.45 PMToddlers puke sometimes – it just kind of comes with the territory. In the case of this toddler it probably should have been expected since her parents are repeatedly shoving whipped cream in her face.

Little Ashley’s parents filmed an epic parenting fail. If your kid starts vomiting, maybe you shouldn’t run away gagging and leave her there – standing in her own pile of rejected whipped cream and bile. Also, dad – maybe put the camera down and help her instead of continuing to film the “Whipped Cream Horror,” as you aptly titled your YouTube sensation.

I don’t think the trend of videotaping our toddlers is going to end anytime soon, especially since these videos are getting hundreds of thousands of views. Little Ashley is going to have quite a collection of public videos to be horrified remember her childhood by. In addition to Whipped Cream Horror, there’s also Ashley Poops In The Closet, and Ashley Eats Boomer’s Dog Food.

Remember when the only humiliation that you had to worry about as a teenager was the potential that your mom was going to show your friends that one picture she had of your bare butt running from the bathtub? Or maybe an awkward elementary school photo? Now, you have to worry that your dad used you as a punchline to some totally stupid joke and posted it on the worldwide web for everyone to see.

Yes, I’m judging someone else’s parenting choices right now and I know everyone hates that, but if you don’t want to be judged then next time help your toddler when she pukes instead of running from and/or videotaping her – or just don’t post something like this on the Internet at all.

(photo: YouTube)

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