10 Reasons I Am Totally Over Stupid Summer And Ready For The Fall

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I’m officially over summer. Fall is my favorite season and now that school has started again and leaves are falling all over my yard I am ready for fall to get here. The weather isn’t cooperating yet, because it’s hot and humid and generally gross outside, and I’m ready for this to be over. I wanna see autumnal wreaths on doors and ghosts in yards and to bust out the sweaters. You can have your bikinis and your beach weekends and your drippy popsicles, I am ready for fall.

I’m A Chubby Little Squirrel And I Need To Make Foods 

deb (Image: Smitten Kitchen)

I worship Deb Perelman. Smitten Kitchen is my favorite food website and my favorite cookbook and ugh I cannot say enough about Deb. She is lovely and has a ridic gorgeous kid and everything she makes that I have ever recreated in my kitchen has made me a much better cook than I ever thought possible. Her recipes are written so well and she is so funny and relatable and I swear if there is like a heaven it will involve me and everyone I love cramming into her tiny kitchen and having her cook for us. Deb’s chicken and dumplings is my all-time favorite chicken and dumplings recipe and you must go make it, now. Or make one of her other recipes instead and wait until it is a bit cooler for the C-N-D but when fall comes this is the sort of stuff I wanna eat because I need to gain 10 pounds over the seasons or I just may die when it is cold out and I need to hibernate. Not really, but I like to pretend it’s the case.

 I Need To Read Mah Books 

night film

Yesterday I got my copy of Marisha Pessi‘s Night Film and I started it and I cannot read it yet because it requires colder, rainy weather so I can wrap myself up in a blankie and stay up until four in the morning scared out of my wits. Cheek out these blurbs:

“This summer’s Gone Girl: a completely absorbing literary thriller.”—Library Journal

“A whirling, glittering, multifaceted marvel . . . an irrepressibly smart and flamboyant new voice.”—The New York Times

I love nothing more than a dark day and a good book to spend hours with. I have a few more creepy ones lined up so if anyone wants suggestions, let me know.


Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.00.10 AM(Image: asos)

Summer clothes can kiss my fat ass. I’m sick of shorts and sundresses and sandals. I want big drapey sweaters and layers and ankle boots and black and grey everything. Fall and winter clothing are where it’s at.



(Image: Pinterest)

I LOVE Halloween. I know some moms hate this holiday but I love seeing cute little kids running around in their costumes and small size candy and decorated houses and all of it. I usually bust out my decorations on the first of October and try and do a lot of Halloween projects with my kids.

 I’m A Little Too Geeked About Fall TV 
[youtube_iframe id=”YoguM3NRzYg”]

 America’s Horror Story Coven has what seems like such a badass cast. Jessica Lange! Kathy Bates! Angela Basset! Frances Conroy! Gabourey Sidibe! From the Wiki:

American Horror Story‘s third season will center on a coven of witches that relocated from Salem, Massachusetts toNew Orleans, Louisiana before The Salem Witch Trials. The themes include witches, witch hunts, incest, minorities, slavery, mothers and daughters, and witchcraft versus voodoo.

Also, Scandal returns on October third, The Walking Dead on October 13th, Sons of Anarchy on September 10 with a special 90 minute episode and a mess of other new shows that sound promising, including some new Dracula thing by the same people who did HBO’s Carnivale. I’m an old lady and I like my stories. 

There Are Like a Gazillion Movies I Wanna See  
[youtube_iframe id=”iszwuX1AK6A”]

A new Martin Scorsese movie I am there. Also, American Hustle , CBGB, Gravity, The Carrie remake, 12 Years A Slave , Blue Is The Warmest Color , Diana , Mandela with Idris Elba (!!!!) I may as well just move into my local movie theater now.

 More Food

Purple-Candy-Apples-Timeline-Photo1-590x218(Image: Rose Bakes)

Our pinterest (This is a total hint to follow us, do it)  is going to come in super handy this fall because I always find things I have to try that don’t look too complicated, and there is no way you can eat and enjoy these in the summer. Rose Bakes has an awesome tutorial on how to make these PURPLE candy apples!

Going To The Pumpkin Farm 

shutterstock_115513990 (Image: Andy Dean Photography/

Picking pumpkins and apples and possibly petting baby goats? I am all about that life. I love cold sunny afternoons and taking my kids to these places and letting them run around corn mazes and coming home with self-picked produce.

I Sleep Better  

Maybe it’s because I am getting older but I just don’t sleep that well in the summer. I like my windows open so my bedroom is all cold and the heat is turned on and I can burrow under heavy blankies and get all cozy. In summer I find myself waking up too early and just generally uncomfy in bed. Sleep is way more delicious in the fall. Plus, napping.

 And Baths Are Better 



(Image: Everett Collection/shutterstock)

I love baths and I hate baths in summer. Summer is shower time. I love to run a nice sudsy warm bath and hide from my kids for a few hours but it just feels icky in the summer, especially because I find myself taking multiple showers a day especially when it’s all gross and muggy out. Fall is all about relaxing baths with a glass of wine and some overpriced bath products and almost falling asleep in the tub.

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