10 Father’s Day Gifts That Could Have Also Been Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts have a reputation for being pretty bad — like this bad. But a quick glance at what is being recommended for Father’s Day reveals a serious schism in gifting. A lot of what is being pushed as a “Daddy gift” would have made for a hell of a Mother’s Day gift too.

1. Gin

blue gin

Apparently there are some out there who think gin is the gift to give this Father’s Day. While I am certainly not arguing with that, why stop there? Why can’t this be a Mother’s Day gift? Birthday? Tuesday? Really, is there a wrong time for gin?

(Photo: Steve Dawson Designs)

2. Oral Sex

oral sex for women is like

Oral sex seems to be the go-to “gift” idea that men want when asked what they would like for Father’s Day (at least according to the always-accurate internetz). Well, why can’t the ladies get in on this too? We like a little south or the border action as much as anyone.

(Photo:  Angela Hayden ART GODDESS)

3. Cigars

women with cigars

Cigars are another popular request on Father’s Day, and why not? Who doesn’t love a nice fresh Cuban Brazilian cigar?

(Photo:  marykate8810)

4. Golf Clubs

mom playing golf

A perennial favorite, golf clubs top the list of many dads. Women golf too, duh.

(Photo:  chrisholm)

5. iPad

iPad gift

Okay, this might not be something thought to be strictly for dads but they do seem to get more electronics than their female counterparts. Personally, I’d rather get a new iPad or laptop than a piece of jewelry. Especially if the jewelry looks like this.

(Photo:  vFrosteryd)

6. Fancy Headphones

fancy headphones

Do moms not listen to music anymore? I’ve seen numerous lists saying that fancy-shmancy headphones are the gift to give, especially if you want a fit and healthy dad (for some reason). I want some healthy and expensive headphones!

(Photo:  Timeass)

7. Craft Beer Book

craft beers

Years of Family Guy and Home Improvement wouldn’t lie, right? Well I’m sick of getting tiny little bottles of wine with cutesie labels on them.

(Photo:  NHPTV)

8. Flat Screen Television

flat screen

Isn’t a television something everyone in the family gets to enjoy? I don’t even know if this should be a gift-type thing. Shouldn’t all the adults in the house have some input? But if dad gets a TV then I want one too.

(Photo:  CheapFlatScreenTvs )

9. Fancy Watches

Fancy Watches

Last time I checked, moms like to keep time too. Why are watches seen as such a “dude” thing nowadays? Put some bling bling timepieces on your next Mother’s Day gift list.

(Photo:  brandoncripps)

10. Beer Cake

miller beer cake

Do I even have to say why this is awesome? Nothing says “I love you,” like a beer cake.

(Photo:  yankeecakebaker)

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