At Least Four Officers, Multiple Civilians Injured By Active Shooter At Colorado Planned Parenthood

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving, an armed gunman has launched a violent attack against innocent people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. A large police presence has responded, but The Denver Post reports that the shooter is still at large.

The situation is ongoing, but at least four police officers have been wounded in the line of duty. Five people have reportedly been taken to the hospital so far. This is terrible, and there is no telling how bad it could get.

The Post says initial reports suggest that the gunman was carrying a long gun, like a rifle, but that has not been confirmed. There are still no details of how many staff, patients, and other innocent people are in and around the building, or how many people have been injured or if there have been any fatalities.

CNN reports that police have encountered the shooter and exchanged gunfire with him. But there could still be other shooters or a hostage situation developing.

Colorado Springs resident Joan Motolinia told the Denver Post that his sister is in the building, and she called him in tears from where she was hiding under a table. He said he could hear shots in the background, and his sister was terrified for herself and the children she had at home.

“She was telling me to take care of her babies,” he said. “I heard some shots so people were in there shooting for sure.”

“We do not know about this person’s mentality or ideology,” said Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley. The shooter’s motivation is not 100-percent clear, but I think a lot of us probably have our suspicions.

Planned Parenthood provides essential health services and reproductive care to men and women. It has also been the target of virulent anti-abortion rhetoric and campaigns, especially in recent months, since it was accused of illegally selling fetal tissue, even though multiple state investigations have uncovered no evidence of any such thing.

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