Model Caprice Bourret Is Expecting Two Babies A Month Apart And Yes This Is Scientifically Possible

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Caprice BourretCaprice Bourret has hit the fertility sweepstakes. She may not be expecting triplets via IVF giveaways, but at age 41, she is pregnant with her first child after struggling with infertility. And she has another kid on the way too.

The Sun reports that Caprice, who is currently six months pregnant, secured a surrogate last year after doctors told her that it was unlikely she would conceive naturally. In December of 2012, said surrogate reportedly conceived. And some time after that, Caprice realized that she was pregnant too via her partner Ty Comfort.

Caprice and her surrogate are apparently due within four weeks of each other and she’s deliriously happy:

“Words can’t describe our happiness when we knew we were expecting two miracle babies….We are incredibly delighted. I have always wanted a family but I didn’t find the right person that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with until two years ago. Our gestational carrier is part of my family now and I’m forever grateful for the kindness and selflessness she has shown us by taking such good care of our beautiful little baby.”

Caprice describes her own pregnancy as a “miracle” adding that her mom is super jazzed and is already stocking up on “enough baby clothes to fill a country.” Seriously, this family needs to be mainlining champagne*. Well, not the pregnant ladies but everyone else.

*phrase stolen directly from Eve Vawter

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