Our Favorite Baby Yerin Park Skypes With Her Daddy In Ridic Cute Video

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Yerin Park, I think we can all agree, is one of the cutest babies ever! She has numerous Tumblrs dedicated to her cuteness, she has her own You Tube page and her Facebook page has over 50,000 fans. Do we all love Yerin? Yes, we do, because she does this:

And this:

Ridic cute. Our friends at The Daily Dot posted a new video of Yerin making a Skype call to her dad and it pretty much needs to be turned into a TV commercial for the magic of screen time calls right now.

[youtube_iframe id=”aaORkxtO-3o”]

I will let you all collect yourselves and stop squealing.

I have no uterus so I cannot have another baby but I could adopt one riiiiiiight? UGH, babies are so cute. I swear, seeing things like this makes me want another baby right now, like this very second, but then I remember that my kids are all at the age where they can make their own snacks and don’t require diaper changes and meh, at least I have Yerin gifs and you tube videos.

I hope all of you with little ones are making good uses of those video cameras and cell phone cameras right now, because they grow up so fast and nothing is better than having these memories caught on film.

Brb, borrowing a baby!

(Image: Tumblr)