Three Young Sisters Raped & Murdered In India Have Deaths Ruled ‘Accidental’ By Repugnant Law Enforcement

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india rapeOn February 14th, when most of us were sharing a romantic dinner with our significant others, when One Billion Rising was protesting all over the globe about violence against women, a poor widowed mother in rural India lost her three young daughters. The girls, ages five, nine, and 11, never made it home from school. They disappeared. So this mother did what any of us would do. She and her grandfather headed to the local authorities, hoping they would help them find her daughters.

This mother filed her complaint with the constable… and nothing happened. Law enforcement did nothing. Two days later, the girls bodies were found in an old well. Medical evidence says that the girls had been raped and murdered, but their deaths were ruled “accidental” by police. The lack of care or sympathy for these innocent young victims is completely shocking.

This horrific story of loss and maltreatment might not have even come to light. It might have staid buried away in a remote village. But the people of this small town protested. They blocked a national highway, simply trying to get some attention from higher level authorities concerning these tragic deaths. The state home minister finally noticed and demanded an inquiry into the police’s inaction and ineptitude.

One more thing the government actually bothered to do? They attempted to pay off the mother who just lost her three daughters to brutal violence with one million rupees. They called it “compensation.” But this strong woman told reporters, “No amount of money is going to bring my girls back. I appeal to the government to catch the culprits early and hang them.”

Men and women in India have been stepping up and demanding that their justice system do more for women and victims of violence, especially since the international outrage over a young woman’s horrific gang rape and murder on a bus in New Delhi. This newest tragedy is just another example of why these protests are so important.

Three little girls. A 5, 9, and 11-year-old, all raped, murdered, and thrown down a well. It is too awful to wrap my head around. It is even more disgusting that any human being could be faced with such a crime and do nothing, brush it under the rug. These poor children and their grieving mother deserve justice. They deserve to see the monsters who did this rot in jail for the rest of their lives. And the protests shouldn’t stop until some form of justice is found.

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