Nervous Parents X-Ray Halloween Candy to Look for Razor Blades, Needles

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I’m a very nervous, risk-averse person, but I’ve always thought that if there were a razor blade in a candy bar, I really think I’d see it. Some parents are not so confident, however, and now some places are seriously offering the use of X-rays to nervous parents who want to make sure there aren’t objects hidden in their kids’ Halloween candy.

According to KCTV 5, parents in Lexington, Mo., can take their kids’ candy to an urgent care clinic to have it X-rayed for free. The service is being provided by a company called The Urgency Room, which has five locations in Lexington. A radiologic technologist told reporters the x-ray is safe and will not do anything weird to the candy.

“Radiation is not going to be harmful to candy cells. It’s totally safe. It’ll shoot right through, put the image on the plate, and you’re free to eat it just like you would before,” she said.

Urgent care clinics and veterinary hospitals are volunteering to x-ray candy.

That’s not the only place this is happening, either. In East Tennessee, American Family Urgent Care clinics are offering the same service. In Virginia, parents can go to Patient First Medical Centers to have their kids’ candy x-rayed.

This is starting to feel like a marketing gimmick. Are those urgent care clinics in need of advertising? Because this does seem like a good way to get it.

In Hawaii, the PetVet animal hospital in Honolulu says parents can bring bags of candy by, and they’ll use the X-ray to check and make sure there aren’t needles, thumbtacks, razor blades, or other foreign objects hidden inside the treats.

It all sounds pretty wild, but there have been incidents of objects in Halloween candy. In Amherst this year, a local hospital is offering free candy x-rays after someone reportedly found a needle in a piece of Halloween candy. Police are still investigating that incident. Police in New Jersey are also investigating a reported case of a needle in a Tootsie Roll this year. Those were all detected before being eaten, but the x-ray services are there to help aid the investigations and give parents some peace of mind.

Would you ever x-ray your kid’s Halloween candy?

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