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10 Reasons Why I Love My Post Baby Body

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heart bellyMany women struggle with body image, especially moms who love their babies, but not what pregnancy did to their midsections. But there’s plenty to appreciate about your new shape. Besides being a great excuse to get some new clothes, there are plenty of other reasons why I love my post baby body.


1. My boobs

I’m  a fan of sci-fi movies, so having a chest which acts like a built-in compass that always points South is awesome. I feel almost bionic.

2. My nails

I do a lot of typing for work so I like to keep my nails short. Pregnancy hormones made them grow at an alarming rate, so I’m happy to not resemble Edwards Scissorhands anymore.

3. My loose skin

Thanks to the havoc growing twins wreaked on my abdomen, I have this fun roll of loose skin right on the top of my rib cage. It reminds me of the folds you see on a basset hound. I’ve always wanted a dog, but my husband has allergies, so this will have to do.

4. My hair

I’ve got a thick Italian mane to begin with and pregnancy hormones only made it more likely that I’d snap a comb during a routine brushing. Now that the pregnancy thickness is over, I’m so happy to be back to needing only two stylists to blow dry it when I go to the salon.

5. My stretch marks

I know most women hate them, but hear me out. Once they stop looking so angry, stretch marks are just white scars. And white tattoos, which look like scar tissue, are really popular right now. These stretch marks are really my ticket to street cred with the hipster youths.

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