This Mom Is On A Quest To Battle Depression Via Orgasm, And It’s Kind Of Awesome

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In a recent article for the Philadelphia City Paper, mom and sex-blogger Crista Anne shared her desire to find happiness and combat the effects of depression and anti-depressants with one self-induced orgasm per day. I don’t know about you guys, but this makes perfect sense to me. Orgasms have so many great benefits! And honestly, I daresay anyone who disagrees isn’t doing it right.

The article focused on the fact that anti-depressants (and depression in general) can present difficulties with achieving sexual pleasure. Says Crista:

“Being able to orgasm in minutes keeps my stress and anxiety down. Orgasm is my best migraine stopper and helps with fibromyalgia flares. Suddenly not being able to orgasm whenever the heck I wanted to was a massive blow to the core of my identity. I find it completely unacceptable. I would rather orgasm than need to take a pill for panic attacks.”

She explains that her self-titled “OrgasmQuest” isn’t meant to shock or impress anyone, and she’s only being so public about it in hopes of helping others who may suffer similarly.

“I refuse to accept that I have to sacrifice my orgasm to find relief from my depression,” she says. “It’s an illness just like any other.”

As someone who has battled depression off and on for most of my life, I find her quest to be a noble one. I was on anti-depressants for a brief period during college, and while they certainly helped me feel better overall, I felt kind of like a numb robot when it came to emotions and sexual pleasure. I really respect and admire Crista’s self-awareness and knowledge of her body and needs. She’s determined to remain in control of her sexual pleasure, and honestly, who can’t get behind that? I’m all for natural ways of improving your mind/body/health and this seems like a no-brainer way of achieving a nice balance.

Sure, her kids will probably find this online someday (if their friends don’t first) and will be mortified accordingly. But they’ll also hopefully grow into mature, open-minded adults who respect their mom’s “quest.”

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