Blue Ivy Raps on Jay Z’s 4:44, and the Internet Can’t Handle Her Cuteness

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Jay Z’s just dropped his new album 4:44, and it was full of surprises. He goes after Kanye West, admits to cheating on Beyonce, raps about seeing a therapist, and even says he was egging on Solange when she attacked him in that elevator at the Met Gala. But among all those bombs, one of the most surprising things is that his five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy freestyle raps on one track, and the Internet is completely in love with her.

Blue’s track is here. It can be hard to make out everything she says, because she’s a five-year-old freestyle rapping, but this is pretty fantastic.

Blue Ivy’s verse appears on the song “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” and everyone is eating it up, especially the part where she says she’s “never seen a ceiling” in her whole life, and the part where she goes “Boom shakalaka/Boom shakalaka/Everything in shaka/Everything in faka.”

She’s got pretty great rhythm for a five year old!

The internet is obsessed with her, of course.

Blue Ivy’s rap is pretty adorable, and every time she shows up it is an absolute delight. I love her cute little voice. She’s been in Beyonce’s videos and now on Jay Z’s album, and every time she shows up the Internet jumps to its feet like, “That’s Blue Ivy! I know her!”

She’s going to get her own album soon, right? The twins can sing backup. Blue Ivy is a treasure.

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