Woman Gives Birth in Walmart Check-Out Line

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Of all the places to bring a new human being into the world, the check-out line at Walmart would not be my first choice, but that actually happened this week when a baby boy was born in the check-out line at a Utah Walmart while his mother was buying supplies. 

According to KPTV, the woman was shopping with her family when she said she did not feel well. She reportedly told the manager she was feeling ill, and the manager looked at her and saw that she was very obviously pregnant and figured she was in labor and called 911. The manager also told the woman not to worry about paying for her stuff, but she said she was going to finish paying before the baby was born.

She made it and got the purchases paid for before the baby came, but not by a wide margin. She wound up delivering the baby on a pile of sheets and towels right in the check-out line next to the register. The whole process went pretty quickly, and the manager said that by the time the EMTs finally got there, the woman had already had her baby and paid for her stuff.

A lot of the time, I tend to think that a crazy story is worth any bizarre happenstance, but I don’t know that I’d want to share my birth story if it involved suddenly having a baby in the middle of the check-out line at Walmart while all the employees and other shoppers went, “WTF is happening!?”

From those guys’ perspective, though, this is pretty great. No “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at your job?” conversation will ever top all the Walmart employees who get to say, “I saw a woman give birth in the check-out line at Walmart.”

Even the EMTs will be dining out on this story for months to come. One 20-year emergency services veteran told reporters that he’d seen a lot of things in his day, but never anything like this.

He did praise all the customers and employees for doing a good job of piling blankets and not losing their shit while a strange woman gave birth in front of them. The woman and her baby were both reportedly totally healthy, and the store manager says he wants to send them a bunch of free baby stuff.