Miranda Kerr Gets Bounced From Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel, Perhaps Because She Cares About Enslaved Children?

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Miranda KerrMommy of one Miranda Kerr has officially come to the end of the road with her long-time employer Victoria’s Secret. Despite the model’s incredibly high profile, Victoria’s Secret claims that the two will be parting ways because Kerr is “not a big seller for VS.” But I suspect some ethical differences are actually at play.

Us Weekly reports that Victoria’s Secret decided not to renew the 30-year-old’s three-year contract, because, according to one source, she “has a difficult reputation.” Although those are definitely diva-inciting words, a quick peruse of Miranda Kerr’s many philanthropic concerns reveals a serious schism between Miranda’s priorities and that of Victoria’s Secret.

It’s hardly a secret that Victoria’s Secret has a shady history with their products, which includes a whopping helping of child labor. Conversely, in addition to supporting such charities as Children International, Mommy Miranda promotes fair trade on her Kora organics line.

Although Miranda has not spoken publicly about this pretty serious divide in consumer ethics, there has been speculation that she has been considering “dropping her contract” since last year.

So if by “difficult reputation,” we’re talking a hesitancy to promote child slavery in the name of pretty thong shilling, than I suppose the quote is pretty accurate.

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