Dear Angelina Jolie: We Know You Hate Your Engagement Ring But Try Faking It!

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angelina jolie brad pitt weddingBreaking news: Angelina Jolie hates her $250,000 engagement ring from honey Brad Pitt. And you know what? I don’t blame her. I know that’s mean to say but hey, it’s pretty fugly. But that’s besides the point. What matters here is that Pitt professed his undying love to Jolie – mother of his six children – with a sparkling diamond ring he spent close to a year designing (along with famed LA jeweler Robert Procop). And now his bride-to-be is announcing it’s just not her style (she prefers emeralds). Oh, Angie…

Jolie’s predicament reminds me first and foremost of that old Sex and the City episode where Aiden plans to propose to Carrie. She finds the ring and vomits – mostly because she’s not ready for marriage but also because it’s damn ugly. It also reminds me of Mother’s Day, which just passed, and how many moms are busy making returns this week. I know at least a couple who have exchanged Mother’s Day gifts from their well-intentioned partners (we’re talking items like yoga pants here, not a piece of jewelry valued at at 250K).

The big difference, however, is that these women didn’t even bother telling their husbands that they didn’t like the gift. Instead, they smiled sweetly and expressed their gratitude, then secretly exchanged it while the kids were in school. It’s not like Angelina could have done the same with her giant rock but still, she should have used better judgement and kept her mouth shut about the whole thing. Whether she likes it or not, she’s a major celebrity with a major following. Why not show some class?

Then again, news that Jolie hates her ring actually came from a “friend,” who went and blabbed to In Touch magazine, probably for a shitload of money. So maybe Jolie’s only mistake here was actually trusting this so-called friend. Either way, she should learn to fake it next time.

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