Elementary School Principal To Whitney Houston Thought Her Brother Would Be The Star

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Whitney HoustonEveryone who knows Whitney Houston seems to have always detected a star quality to her. She of course had famed Gospel singer Cissy Houston for a mother and belted some incredible songs at her girlhood church, so the little girl’s talent was pretty recognizable. To everyone except her elementary school principal who apparently thought her older brother Gary was going to be the one accruing all the fame.

Henry W. Hamilton tells The New York Times that he didn’t see much star potential in the church-going little girl:

“I never thought she had the potential to be a great singer,” said Mr. Hamilton, 73, who is still the school’s principal. “I thought her brother Gary had the potential. I missed that one.”

Goodness, what an oversight considering that the school has since been named Whitney E. Houston Academy for Creative and Performing Arts. Mr. Hamilton may have “missed that one” but her hometown of East Orange, New Jersey has been mourning the legend all week. One woman who had Whitney Houston’s cousins for neighbors says that she is pleased that the family won’t be having a public memorial. She told the Times:

“They gave Whitney to the public for 30 years,” Ms. Mishoe said. “Now her mother said it’s time for the family to have her to themselves. I think that’s true.”

Once deemed to perhaps not possess enough “potential,” Whitney leaves us with even her very elementary school named after her.

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