Jessica Simpson Might Be Shedding Tears Along With That Baby Weight

Jessica SimpsonThe stress of new parenthood can bring anyone to tears. But add a global scrutiny about pregnancy weight, fat jokes, and pokes at “world’s longest pregnancy” and you have the dilemma of new mother Jessica Simpson. Not that I think the bump exploiting extraordinaire deserves much sympathy (aside from the weight criticism) for making breeding now central to her spotlight. But news that the 31-year-old is running up against that lucrative Weight Watchers deadline with tears just goes to show that no one should be profiting off a new mother’s weight loss.

In Touch reports that Jessica has been hitting the gym regularly since the birth of Maxwell Drew, with even her trainer describing the new mother as “determined.” But an additional “source,” adds that Jessica seems to find those routine gym visits pretty stressful — and I don’t blame her:

”She’s so emotional,” a friend tells In Touch. ”She doesn’t want to leave her baby. Sometimes she just starts crying. It’s hard for her.”

The new mommy needs to reportedly loose 50 pounds in five months to meet her goal weight, a contractual obligation that is understandably causing her some wear. The Simpson family may have seen only dollar signs when Jessica put her signature to that Weight Watchers contract, but the reality of being a mother with a entire company breathing down your neck about post-baby pounds — you know, as opposed to an entire culture — is no way to start motherhood.

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