Lily Allen Pulls A Tori Spelling, Gets Pregnant With Baby No. 2 Months After Baby No. 1

lily allen babyMazels to Lily Allen, who’s reportedly expecting baby no. 2 with hubs Sam Cooper. I was actually shocked to hear the news since it feels like their daughter, Ethel Mary, was born yesterday. Which she kind of was. Little Ethel is just under eight months old and, according to reports, Allen is due in December. Meaning she got pregs when Ethel was just four months old. She’s pulling a total Tori Spelling!

Actually, Spelling really does win the award for back-to-back pregnancies; she announced she’s expecting a mere five months after giving birth to baby girl Hattie, meaning her kids will be just 10 months apart. If all goes well, Allen’s little ones will be 13 months apart, which is awesome. I say that as someone with a brother just 14 months older than myself; we grew up almost like twins and, as my mom likes to tell us, we rarely wanted play dates since we had each other. There’s something really special about having a sib so close in age and, needless to say, we are thrilled for the couple.

The news is extra sweet for 27-year-old Allen, who has sadly suffered two very public miscarriages: In 2010, she lost a baby boy six months into her pregnancy and in 2008, she lost a baby at four months pregnant with then boyfriend Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers.

Back in April, years after stepping away from the music biz to focus on starting a family, Allen announced she was working on a new album to be released in early 2013. The British songstress has also just completed working on the score for the Bridget Jones‘ Diary musical. According to Mirror Online, she’ll spend the rest of the summer working on her album, then rest before the birth of baby no. 2. Sounds like a plan to me. We wish Allen and Cooper all the best with their expanding brood!

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