10 Reactions You Will Have To People In The 9th Month Of Your Pregnancy

The last few weeks of pregnancy are filled with joy and anticipation of the new life you are about to bring into this world. Just kidding! No they’re not! They’re filled with you anxiously anticipating your little parasite’s exit from your body. And everyone you know will be there to remind you how huge you are and how you look like you’re about to pop. Fun!

You may find yourself reacting to the most benign situations with rage and impatience. People really don’t mean to get under your skin, there are just some words that fly out of a person’s mouth when they see a hugely pregnant woman. Just try to breathe through the moment. It will all be okay. Here are some common reactions you will have to some everyday interactions in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Don’t be alarmed.

1. Hi! Any day now, huh?

2. Oh my god! Look at that belly! 

3. Wow – I guess it’s hot today. You really are glowing! 

4. Is it getting hard to stand up?

5. Wow. You are huge! 

6.  Are you sure you aren’t having twins?

7. When is your due date?

8. You must be soooo excited!

9. Get as much sleep as you can now!

10. I bet that’s going to be one big baby!

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