10 Gross-tastic School Lunches

There are additional reasons why some kids aren’t exactly thrilled to be going back to school and it has nothing to do with posing for that first day of school photo. For kids who don’t have parents who are able to pack them gorgeous, perfect lunches, the presence of fall means back to the cafeteria lines. And a quick peruse of these less than delectable meals quickly reminds me why I started packing my own lunches at age 10. Nothing kicks a kid’s tush in gear like being faced with gross sloppy joes, questionable tuna, and a well-rounded diet of nachos and fries day in and day out.

Granted, some of those cafeteria cornerstones are gross in that good iron-stomached kid, metabolism of a hummingbird kind of way. But for some kids, this is simply all there is.

1. Flat Burger

gross burger

(Photo:  samantha young)

2. Tuna or Chicken?

chicken finger caesar

(Photo:  jazzijava)

3. Every Food Group If You Count Ketchup As A Vegetable….?

corn dog and pears

(Photo:  apsies)

4. Flat Pickles Plus Milk

chick sand

(Photo:  ohaiamundu)

5. The Lasagna (??) That Got Reshaped With Olives

olive spear

(Photo:  valvados)

6. Pizza And Cole Slaw

pizza and potato salad

(Photo:  nickwiki)

7. The Anti-Atkins

vomit on spaghetti

(Photo:  chidorian)

8. Major Food Group? Chips

apprently chips are lunch now

(Photo:  chapstickaddict)

9. Hot Dog And Fries

nasty chili lunch

(Photo: PhotoCalorie.com)

10. French Fries and Nachoz


(Photo: czechmatediary.com )

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