Tokyo Hotel Offers Special Crying Suite For When The Pantry Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

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crying toddlerThere’s no shame in crying. Sometimes it makes everything feel a lot better to just let yourself sob indulgently. And a Tokyo hotel has decided to capitalize on the freeing power of a good sob by offering “crying” rooms for emotional women. 

I guess I can see where this would come in handy if one does not own a bathroom or a pantry to hide in. Or if one wants to cry without having to worry about hiding a post-cry blotchy face afterwards. Or if one wants to cry for a while without hearing a tiny person bang on the door and shout, “Let me in!”

Did I just sell myself on this idea? WTF?

Honestly, this does not sound that much different than a regular hotel room. We can all already just go to the nearest cheap hotel, book a room, and cry as much as we want. Sure, it won’t have amenities like this special hotel, which advertises “luxury tissues,” “makeup remover,” and a stock of sad movies and manga to read while weeping. But you could just bring those things with you to the Super 8. (If you are looking to bawl, I recommend watching the video for Taylor Swift’s “Best Day.“)

According to, the hotel’s press release specifies that the crying rooms are just for women, because … actually there’s no good reason for that. It’s just sexist bullshit. Men cry too, and if they want to get a hotel room and cry without having to pretend they’re crying over sports, then they should be able to do that.

But really, we should all not do that. We should just get normal hotel rooms, bottles of Champagne from room service, and order in-room massages while we catch up on TV shows too violent to watch with the kids in the house. If you want to cry while that’s going on, go to town, but I imagine they’ll be tears of joy.

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