That ‘Pro-Life’ Congressman Turned Mistress Abortion Enthusiast Says Abortion Never Ensued

Scott DesJarlaisRep. Scott DesJarlais flipped his alleged pro-life sentiments after word came down that his mistress was expecting. Despite the Tennessee congressman’s public platform, that budding life suddenly wasn’t so sacred. In a phone transcript obtained by The Huffington Post, DesJarlais was all about terminating the life that would compromise his already-on-the-rocks marriage. But despite that DesJarlais  ”did not deny its contents,” he now claims that his mistress-y lady friend was never pregnant to begin with — so that redeems him of pressuring a woman with abortion in the first place..? Your pro-life cred it still shot with me, congressman.

The Washington Post reports:

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a freshman Republican who opposes abortion, did not dispute a transcript of a recorded phone conversation in which he appears to urge the woman to terminate the pregnancy. His remarks came in an interview Thursday with WTN-FM host Ralph Bristol.

”I don’t mind telling people that there was no pregnancy, and no abortion,” said DesJarlais, who is seeking re-election. ”But I also don’t mind telling people that this was a protracted two-year divorce back in 1999 and 2000. There was some difficult times, for sure.”

Even if you suspend suspicion and buy the congressman’s line, the lady’s empty or embryo-carrying uterus doesn’t change his abortion enthusiasm upon being confronted with a hypothetical and “inconvenient” pregnancy. Despite what he espouses publicly, DesJarlais expressed frustration that his personal “crisis pregnancy” had not already been terminated. When faced with an allegedly fictitious pregnancy, he expressed urgency to “get this solved” and “get it over with.” Not exactly the vocabulary choices of the pro-life community, or even some pro-choicers I know.

Then again, perhaps this is what Todd Akin was referring to when he described non-pregnant women getting abortions?

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