Hilarious Toddler Is So Not Impressed By Surprise Disneyland Offer

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I think I just found my new hero, and she’s only two years old!

Katie Clem, a 33-year-old mother from Salt Lake City, Utah, thought it would be fun to capture her daughters’ reaction to being told they were going to Disneyland for the second time — instead of school. Her oldest daughter Lily, age 10, had the expected reaction. She immediately started crying tears of joy (and even paused for a moment to ask about her mom’s doctors appointment, which was apparently made up, because she is just that sweet).

The younger daughter, Chloe, age two, did NOT have the same reaction. Instead of jumping for joy or busting into tears, she seemed totally non-plussed. Even annoyed a little. Her entire face and body language is pretty much “What the EFF?”

Eventually the fun of the surprise seems to sink in and at the end of the video Chloe even manages a small smile. According to Clem, the stank face seems to be her typical reaction to things though:

“That is so funny to me, because that’s what Chloe does, a little stink face. She’s staring at Lily like, ‘What is your problem? It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time, but to see the reaction of people liking Chloe’s response is pretty funny.Lily has always been like that since she was Chloe’s age. She’s very emotional, wears her heart on her sleeve. But Chloe is my little danger kid. She’s just like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I don’t even have any words for it.”

I just want to put a photo of Chloe’s face on some cardboard and a stick and just flash it at people who annoy me. Here’s to hoping they had a wonderful time at Disney and I hope little Chloe never loses her spunk!