10 Ridiculously Cute Baby Photos You Wish You Had Thought Of

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shutterstock_109003526-1__1379608269_74.134.205.46Nothing gives me greater baby envy than seeing some amazingly cute baby pics. I have some sweet ones of my kids when they were tiny but take a gander around the internet and marvel at how clever and amazingly talented these photographers, both amateur and professional, are. It will make you wish you had a wayback machine so you could go back to when your kids were little and borrow some of these ideas, or if you are lucky enough to have an infant, they will totally inspire you. Anne Geddes eat your heart out.

Snowman Baby 

Amazingly Cute Baby Photos From the wondrous Danielle Brasher photography. How adorable is this for a winter card? I can’t even. 

 Beloved Baby 


I keep searching to find out who this brilliant photographer is, but the link I have doesn’t help me. This is such a great idea, and pretty much any mom with a baby does this anyway, lipstick or not.

 Oh The Places You’ll Go 


I just went to the Kansas Pitts photography website and I may never stop looking at their gorgeous images. I love this so much for the hopes that all babies go amazing places and grow up to love amazing books.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Baby  


From A Piece Of Lisa Photography. 

 Another Superhero Baby 


From My Little Happies, all it takes is some chalk, a slab of sidewalk, and a red blankie. Love.

 Babies And Puppies 


From an unknown Pinterest user, there is pretty much nothing cuter than a baby and a dog.

Babies And Kittens  


Except, of course, a baby and kittens.

Baby And Baby Doll In The Bath 


This is just brilliant.

(Photo: riaua/shutterstock)