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17 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Badass Mom Who DGAF

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m betting a lot of you are still looking for that perfect gift. Or any gift, really, LOL. Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is surprisingly hard! I’m a mom, and I wouldn’t even know what to get for myself. Unless a two week long paid island vacation by myself in on the table. Then I’d get myself that. One of the issues I think people run into is finding a gift the mom in your life will love and actually use. Sure, plenty of moms like flowers and bath bombs. But some of us are a bit more in-your-face about motherhood. And for those moms, these gifts will definitely hit the right note.

Mother’s Day gifts for the badass mom who DGAF require a little more thought and care. She may not like flowers, but she’ll LOVE this mug.

mother's day gifts

Image: Etsy/PopPastiche

This Riot Mom mug from Etsy shop PopPastiche is the perfect gift for the mom who kicks ass and takes names so she can come back around and kick some more ass. 

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