Toddler Calls 911 Over Pants Emergency

nine month pants cartersNobody wants to wear pants, but they’re pretty much a necessary evil. But one two-year-old recently found herself overwhelmed by the task of putting on a pair of pants, so she did what her parents had taught her to do in an emergency: She called 911.

According to ABC News, the toddler dialed 911 and just said, “Hello” a few times, then hung up. A police officer was not far from the house where the call originated, so an officer drove over to check up on things and make sure the girl was OK and there wasn’t really an emergency.

“Deputy Martha Lohnes was in the vicinity of the home, so she went over to make sure everything was OK,” said Deputy Drew Pinciaro with the Greenville, South Carolina, sheriff’s office. “And well, the little girl came to the door with her pants half on, saying needed help getting them on.”

After Deputy Lohnes helped the girl with her pants, the girl asked the officer if she could have a hug, too. Deputy Lohnes said it was adorable and totally made her day.

As to how a toddler could get stuck in a pair of pants, call 911, and then open the front door without anyone noticing, it looks like the 2-year-old was home with her grandfather while her mother was at work, and he was apparently astounded when he came to the door and saw his granddaughter hugging a police officer.

“My dad gave me a call and was just like, ‘Your daughter just called the police on me!'” the girl’s mother said. “Then he said she wouldn’t let the cop leave and was too busy hugging her.”

Small children should know how to call 911 as early as possible. Sure, teaching a toddler about 911 does lead to some spurious calls like this one, but it’s not like it was a teenager making a prank phone call. The officer certainly didn’t mind; she said it was adorable.

I can’t fault the toddler for thinking her pants were an emergency, either. Getting stuck in your clothes absolutely sucks.

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