Some People Think It’s Super Weird That This Store Recommends Lingerie for Mother’s Day

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Is lingerie really a weird gift for Mother’s Day? Some shoppers at the UK’s ASDA chain think it is. According to The Mirror, ASDA put some “Great Gifts for Mother’s Day” promotional signs on its lingerie displays, and now some shoppers are taking to Twitter to be all comically nauseated.


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According to The Mirror, adult male shoppers were joking about how horrified their mothers would be if they gave them underwear. Some shoppers even seemed downright offended by the idea, saying that it was “ridiculous and tacky of ASDA to use Mother’s Day like that.”

But lingerie for Mother’s Day seems really normal to me, and now I’m wondering if I’m the weirdo here. Actually, I tend to think of lingerie as being one of the default Mother’s Day gifts, because my mother loves fancy lingerie. Some people love shoes. Some people love jewelry. Some people love books or video games. My mother happens to have an underwear wardrobe that would make Dita Von Teese jealous. So when gifting ocasions came around, lingerie showed up a lot.

Lingerie seems to be falling out of favor a bit with some younger women who think of lacy thongs as being uncomfortable throwbacks to the 80s, but there are still a lot of women who really like it.

On top of that, kids aren’t the only ones who buy Mother’s Day gifts. Romantic partners buy Mothers Day gifts just as much as kids do, and probably even more. Small children don’t really buy their own Mother’s Day gifts, but the romantic partners of the mothers of new babies and young toddlers absolutely buy Mother’s Day presents. (Or at least they should, and they should buy early and buy often.) Personally, I do not need lingerie. I need peanut butter cups and ruby brooches. But if one’s romantic partner is a mother who likes lingerie, then lingerie seems like a pretty good gift.

What do you think, is lingerie a good mother’s day gift, or super weird and tacky?