Awful Abuser Went On Dr. Phil For 15 Minutes Of Fame – Might Leave With 15 Years Of Prison

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Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.53.09 AMI need to watch more daytime talk shows! My work reality is totally interfering with that but I would have loved to get my outrage on while watching this asshole and his terrorized girlfriend on the Dr. Phil show. Timothy Cruz and Brittany Roberts appeared on the Dr. Phil show in May where Timothy confessed to the good doctor that he choked his girlfriend while she was holding their baby daughter. He also admitted he gave Brittany a concussion, punched her numerous times, and one time punched her so hard in the face that he broke her nose. Because dumb Brittany started bleeding all over the place due to the fact Tim-boy punched her, he made her get into the bathtub because he didn’t want her bleeding on his floors.
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And it just gets better, from The Daily Mail:

During another argument, Brittany said that Cruz sat on her stomach while she was seven weeks pregnant, resulting in a miscarriage. Seven months into her second pregnancy, the 25-year-old allegedly dragged the expectant mother and banged her head on the floor.

But wait, there’s more!

Beside the violence, Brittany Roberts and had to contend with her boyfriend’s constant infidelity. In one case, she even tracked Cruz using his GPS and caught him having sex with his ex-girlfriend in a car.

In a bizarre twist, Roberts one day discovered dozens of Craigslist ads allegedly posted by her 25-year-old boyfriend soliciting sex from men.

 The only good part about this story is that the police recorded a phone call between the couple where Timothy claimed everything he said on the Dr. Phil show was completely true and now he has has been charged with seven counts of punching, kicking and attempting to strangle Brittany.
Brittany’s daughter is now in protective services and she is trying to regain custody of her and as for good ‘ol Timothy, hopefully he will serve a mess of jail time.
I’m so glad this guy is in trouble. I’m sure his girlfriend was at her wit’s end and so desperate she thought Dr. Phil was the only person who could help her, and her boyfriend was all “Oh cool, I get to be on teeeeveeee” so he went along with it. I also hope the Dr. Phil show gets Brittany some therapy so she can figure out her feelings after all of this.
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