One Of You Awesome Mommyish Readers Have Been Lying To Us About How Cool You Are

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259d8ff88372b915fe6606e2a9c7e595I have said many times how much I love our Mommyish commenters. You guys make me feel better when terrible news happens, you guys share awesome parenting tips with us, one of our favorite readers has become a Mommyish intern, and at times you guys have made me laugh so hard I have spit numerous beverages all over my keyboard. I have worked for numerous websites and the Mommyish community is really my favorite by far, and you guys really make my job awesome. When one of you isn’t around I notice, and I often think about things you have said when I’m not working. But one of my favorite readers has been hiding a sneaky sneaky kickass double life from us and this cannot be tolerated!

This little double life was revealed to me via twitter when I received this lil’ bombshell:

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.02.51 AM

And yep, our girl Veronique Houde totally ratted her sister Rachelle out to us!

[youtube_iframe id=”axqRBrw0NdU”]


I think it is SO good and I have been playing it almost nonstop, Rach has this gorgeous soul singer vibe that is totally hot and the rapper in the video is her husband! It’s making me feel a million times better Portishead has nothing new.
[youtube_iframe id=”yOYSG6vvLpE”]

What else are all you readers hiding from us?! We need to know these things! I sort of always assumed Rachelle was just a mild mannered mom like the REST of us, but no, she is a totally glam and super talented chanteuse.

So enjoy, and now that we all know how cool Rach is we all have to act like we aren’t totally starstruck. But now that we are all here, any other true life Mommyish secret identities you need to share with the class? Hmmmmm?

(Image: twitter)