18 Things You Did As A Child That Would Horrify You If Your Kids Did Them

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Our moms weren’t about that “taking kids to the grocery store” life. We just stayed in the car for an hour.

car waiting GIF by South Park

Image: Comedy Central

To be honest, our moms had the right idea. Shopping with kids is the worst! But god forbid you leave your kiddos in a locked car these days. People will smash your window if they see a stuffed animal now, it’s a little extreme. Our moms didn’t even take the keys out of the ignition most of the time, LOL. We guess they assumed that no one would actually want to steal a car full of kids. And they trusted that we wouldn’t start the car and go for a joyride. Not that we weren’t tempted! But it was no uncommon to walk through the parking lot of a store and see kids just waiting in parked cars.

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