8 Terrible Twos Showstoppers That Will Make You Feel Like A Better Parent

shutterstock_171965462The first time my oldest son had a full-blown tantrum, I was scared shitless. I am normally a pretty confident person, but the outrageous screaming of a toddler stopped me in my tracks.

The reason I was so afraid of him was because I had no idea how to handle it. Are you supposed to discipline a tantrum””which is also a very normal toddler reaction, I later learned? Are you supposed to talk to him in caveman-inspired toddler speak””though I later came to hate that theory? Are you supposed to ignore?

After weeks and weeks of trial and error and Internet research, I came to the conclusion that every kid is different. My son responds really well to boundaries, so we went the ignoring route. Every time he is sick or visit grandparents and gets tons of attention, we have to lay down the law with a little tough love and refusal of treats when we get home. Sometimes this whole rigmarole makes me feel like a crappy parent.

But never fear, there are always kids crazier than your own! Or maybe, crazy is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re feeling down in the dumps because of the terrible twos, check out these terrible terrors that will make you feel better about your #momlife:

1. The Screaming Never Stops


Wait, my kid does this.

2. She Just Doesn’t Care”¦


My kid does this too. Doesn’t he understand that the last thing I want to do is wrestle him to the ground to put on a diaper?

3. Piercing Whine-Yelling, Anyone?


Whine-yelling is akin to Chinese water torture.

4. The Classic Temper Tantrum


Your parenting initiation won’t be complete without a kid kicking and screaming on the floor.

5. A Swift Kick To The Ear


Whew, my kid hasn’t done this yet.

6. Terrible Twos, Terrible Pranks


That little jerk better not even think about putting a crayon in the oven.

7. Terrible Toddler For Sale


This mom is brave enough to admit what we’ve all been thinking””can I sell this one and get an older model?

8. The Cure For Terrible Twos


Parents, take note! This grandparent is onto something. He keeps his tantruming granddaughter calm by asking her to fetch him beers and feeding her cat food. Not sure if criminal or genius”¦

(Image: Mike DegteariovShutterstock)

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