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Future Racists Of America Pissed They Can’t Wear Their American Flag T-shirts To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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shutterstock_138893828Today in “It’s all about meeeee and I don’t care how racially intolerant this makes me seem” teenager news, a mess of teenagers all have their tighty whiteys (and I mean WHITEYS) in a bunch because they didn’t get to wear their American flag T-shirts as some political statement when a Live Oak High School in the San Jose suburb of Morgan Hill told them to turn their T-shirts inside out during Cinco de Mayo.

I love America. I live in America. But my America includes people from other countries who have decide to make America their home and if you are a student who attends a school known for racially charged violence then maybe you should just leave your American flag T-shirt on the floor next to your laundry hamper rather than wearing it to school that day. From The Huffington Post:

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights.

Administrators feared the American-flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday. Live Oak High School in the San Jose suburb of Morgan Hill had a history of problems between white and Latino students on that day.


First of all, no one, especially people who claim to be super patriotic, should be wearing the American flag on their body. I mean, this is from the Flag Code, not that teenagers give a damn about history or anything. :

The flag should not be used as “wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery”, or for covering a speaker’s desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general (exception for coffins).

The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed, or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard.

Plus, if you live in an area that is predominantly Hispanic and it’s Cinco de Mayo should’t you do what normal people do, and try and learn more about other cultures and traditions? Is this really the time to go around shifting focus on you and how (pretend) proud you are to be an American? I’m sorry, in MY America we realize it’s a melting pot and one of the best things about America is that people come from all over to live here. We can celebrate our American holidays while being respectful of the holidays of others. It doesn’t take ANYTHING away from us by doing so.

William Becker, one of the lawyers representing the students, said he plans to ask a special 11-judge panel of the appeals court to rehear the case. Becker said he would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if he loses again.

“The 9th Circuit upheld the rights of Mexican students celebrating a holiday of another country over U.S. student proudly supporting this country,” Becker said.

I hope these parents are proud that they are raising a future generation of frivolous law suit   instigators. The school was just trying to keep the kids safe so that their T-shirts didn’t incite any bad feelings among students.  And yes, I realize how lame it is that we are all raising kids that get all violent over what T-shirts they wear, and this goes for any kid who would start a fight because they didn’t like a dumb flag shirt. Any kid pissed about this was just mad because they didn’t get to make it all about themselves instead of sitting down and respecting others. Great. The teens in the shirts were doing this just to say “Hey, I don’t respect your culture or your celebration and it’s all about meeeee.” It’s great you love America, but by saying you do so this means you love the fact America contains many different cultures and races. If you disagree than that’s not very American, is it? Besides, it isn’t like this is the ONLY chance you’ll have to disrespect the flag while draping it on your body.


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