Teen Mom Has Her Toddler Pose With Dinner – Which Just Happens To Be A Gutted Deer

I love a good old fashioned Internet freakout, and this was comes to us courtesy of teen mom reality star MacKenzie Douthit McKee who posted a photograph on Instagram of her, her husband, and her two-year-old son posing with a gutted deer. She posted the photograph along with this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 6.38.00 AM

You can view the full photo here, but warning, it is graphic and bloody and if you do click over, don’t come crying to me.

On one hand, we have people freaking out about hunting. On the other hand, we have the vegetarians who are freaking out about eating meat. And on the other hand and oh-no-we-have-run-out-of-hands-because-most-people-only-have-two-hands-no-offense-to-you-three-handed-readers we have people saying “Oh noes, you should not expose a toddler to such violence, it’s bad for their little psyches and THINK OF THE CHILDREN.”

I’m not a hunter. I have never eaten venison. But many people do, and many people rely on hunting to feed their families. I’m not a fan of hunting for sport, but as much as I love deer and think all the Bambis are adorable and cute I’m sort of changing my views on that too, due to the fact that on any given day, I have a at least five deer in my yard. And I live in a SUBURB.

Last summer a deer, a very large buck, decided to die. In my backyard. A have a very large back yard, and part of it is wooded.

My children found it, starting to decompose and stink. They were of course traumatized about this and feeling very sorry for this poor deer. I called animal control, and the local police, and no one could help me with this issue, because not only was it a Sunday, but this deer died on my property and hence it was MY responsibility. They suggested I dispose of the deer in heavy duty trash bags, and lug it out to my curb and someone could come by “in a few days” to pick it up. Now, I live in the south, where summers are amazingly hot and muggy, and considering I was the only adult in my home at the time, I was not about to go chop up some maggoty-ass deer in my yard and drag all of its weight to my curb. PLUS, they suggested I cut it up with a chainsaw. Eve fact: I do not own a chainsaw.

So I finally found a pest removal service who agreed to come out to pick up this pile of rotting deer and because it was after-normal-service hours charge me 400 DOLLARS to do so.

Now, I could have waited a few days and had someone help me drag it to the curb and the city dispose of it, but during this whole day-long ordeal I had a few asshole neighbors come over to ask me if I knew I had a dead deer in my yard, and that I should get rid of it. Oh you don’t say? Considering my daughter was attempting to construct a headstone out of cardboard and crayons because she felt we should BURY THE POOR DEER IN MY YARD and I had been on the phone making a hundred phone calls trying to find someone to remove it I was pretty aware of the fact I had a dead deer in my yard.

The company came, drove a truck into my yard, chopped it up, bagged it, removed the antlers for I don’t even want to think of FOR WHATEVER REASON and took all my money. But at least my yard no longer smelled like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

So Mackenzie, teen mom lady, I see nothing wrong with you hunting or eating this deer or exposing your kid to the fact some people kill and eat animals, but I personally won’t be doing this. But the next time a deer decides to die in my yard, do you just wanna come over and eat it so I don’t have to pay that much money to get rid of it?

(Image: Instagram)

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