This Teacher Has the Most Random Extra Credit Questions and We’re Here for It

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It’s not that often that questions on a statistics exam will go viral, but after you take a look at the questions it’s not hard to see why. An unnamed professor has been inserting hilariously random extra credit questions on his/her tests, and the students love them. Unlike the rest of the exam, the questions required the students to have a bit of pop culture knowledge, and excellent listening skills. If I’d ever had a teacher like this, I probably would have looked forward to tests. Well, I at least would have looked forward to the extra credit portion.

1. California…knows how to party…


Would you know how to answer this one? The student def did a great job because hello — three extra credit points is pretty amazing. How would you answer it? Is this from a real song?

2. She sounds hideous.


this is jake from state farm

So, this is one of those time where watching too much TV might end up being good for you in the end. Did you know that Jake from State Farm likes his tan pants as much as this student did?

3. If only you’d listened…

pink pen

Well, I think this stick drawing deserves at least one point because it’s adorable and honest. Trying to find a pink pen on such a short notice probably isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world, right? Do you have a pink pen?

4. What planet is this person from?

bon jovi

OK, this is my favorite because the WTF factor is seriously high. Do you see how many extra credits this student got for the dumbest conversation? SEVEN — they shocked the teacher so hard they got 2 extra, extra credit points. And yes, it wins.

5. He should have won all of ’em!

leo noms

Pop culture news getting you the goods again. I don’t think I would know the right answer. I do know that he finally won for that movie though.

6. Make sure you read all the instructions!

oh captain

Seriously — that’s amazing. As someone who skims the whole test first, I’d see that within one minute, sing and then not have to answer any of the other questions.

7. Especially with a tricky professor like this one.


OK… maybe I would just make a fool of myself…

What do you think about these extra credit questions? Are they fair for a teacher to do in order to boost moral or is this like test cheating, adult edition?

(Images: Imgur / WouldYaJustLookAtIt)