Go Home Pinterest, You’re Drunk. This Mom’s Cookies Look Like Tiny Meals, and They’re Completely Unbelievable

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Did you ever discover a hobby or fun little activity on Google and think, “Oh, I can’t get into that. I’d get way, way too into that.” That happens to me on a daily basis. I’m currently refusing to mow the lawn or rake leaves on the grounds that if I get into gardening, I will go completely nuts and become one of those obsessive people who screams at strangers to get away from her heirloom roses. When it comes to taking an interesting hobby to an obsessive extreme, one cookie-baking mother from Osaka is something of an international idol and cautionary tale.

10 months ago she started an Intstagram account called Chi___Koko and posted a photo of some iced cookies. In an interesting twist, she decorated the sugar cookies to look like savory food like ketchup, cheese, hot dogs, and hamburgers. She had some skills, too! These cookies look delicious.

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Her cookie-icing skills were great. These would impress anybody. But Masako thought to herself, “I bet I can do better.”

  In the winter, most people would be happy with some glossy snowmen. Instead, she made mittens and boots so intricate it probably would have taken less time to actually knit them than to sculpt them out of icing.

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  She could have branched out into other types of pastry, but instead she decided to make other types of pastry out of her cookies.

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This is pretty amazing. 

 Are you even allowed to eat these?

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If I ever need surgery, please get Chi___Koko to do the operation. I don’t even care if she has a medical degree. With hands this precise, she’d be more accurate than a laser. Then she decided to go back to her roots and make savory food, but out of cookies. This whole tempura dish is made out of cookies! 

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 Chi___Koko’s kids must be afraid to eat anything she puts in front of them, because it could always be a prank. “Thanks for the steak, mom! … ACK! It’s a cookie. Moooommmmm!”

What? Masako! What are you doing!?

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 I mean, I want to eat this, cookie or not.

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I don’t think Chi___Koko is invited to the bake sale anymore.

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Pinterest just coughed up a lung and died of cookie envy.

Chi__Koko has some serious skills. In less than a year she went from making cute iced ketchup cookies to … is there even a word for this degree of cookie art? If she keeps this up, in six months she’ll probably be driving a car made entirely of cookie parts.

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