DudeBro And His Victim-Blaming Friends Don’t Like Me Writing About Rape Culture

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I don’t read your articles and I don’t even know who you are

So you didn’t “read my article”…yet you took the time out to e-mail me because you didn’t read my article? Mmmmm-kay.

but this kind of behavior is what is killing America.

Seriously.  He wrote this.

Instead of taking an immature email and ignoring it or making a small article about it, 

It’s not my fault that my article turned out to not be a “small article.” Maybe the fact it is a BIG article should prove to you that I’m not the only person on earth who cares about rape culture.

you turn up the heat and broadcast his personal issues..What happened to innocent before proven guilty?

The only thing I ever said he was not innocent of is being a total douchebag and, for that, we at Mommyish would like to retract that categorization and apologize.  Though that was an opinion based on Dylan’s emails and his publicly available tweets, nobody here has ever met Dylan and we have no in-person knowledge that he’s, in fact, a douchebag.

I’m terribly sorry that you think I have single-handedly destroyed rape awareness by writing about rape awareness. The reason why people are unaware of the gravity and seriousness of rape and rape culture, the reason why every two minutes someone in the USA is sexually assaulted, the reason why 97% of all rapists will never spend a day in jail, and the reason why you and your DudeBro friends continue to ONE GAZILLION PERCENT (statistic: mine and totally unfounded) not understand rape culture is NOT because I keep writing about rape culture.

Myself and people like Koa Beck, Kate Harding, Jessica Valenti, Jill Filipovic, Gloria Steinem, Zerlina Maxwell and a million other famous and not famous writers, working on their personal blogs or for news agencies, will continue to write about rape culture. And, even though I totally love the fact you think that ME, a lone lady writer on a parenting website, is responsible for “ruining the reputation of awareness for rape” — it’s just not possible.  Writing about rape awareness doesn’t make people less aware about rape. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

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