DudeBro And His Victim-Blaming Friends Don’t Like Me Writing About Rape Culture

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He went on:

HOWEVER, in this case Dylan was sticking up for a friend and gave you a few jabs of disapproval and you went COMPLETELY out of hand. The actions you took as repercussions to a 19 year old young man who is just starting their life was completely immature.

(ED NOTE: If you haven’t caught on by now, we’re talking about Dylan.)

I feel as though you’re actions took the case of rape back 20 steps. I understand you feel strongly for it but to do that to someone who was protecting a friends reputation? Come on, you’re better than that. Yes he’s a head strong kid, and through life he would learn his lesson. Instead you may have ruined his chances to do and you made him angry.

I didn’t “ruin” anyone’s chances for anything. Here is the thing that Dylan and his friend do not appear to understand. The most incriminating things I wrote about him are all on the public record. I reposted messages from his Twitter feed. As noted above, if he is embarrassed by things that he has said in the past, he can and should delete them. Bringing attention to someone’s stupidity is not worse than saying stupid and incriminating things online. Twitter is by its very nature a social media platform and, thus, not private.  The Twitter website actually says “Most of the information you provide us is information you are asking us to make public.”  This seems fairly basic to me.

All that aside you can’t even disagree that in many cases girls aren’t raped.

Correct. I cannot disagree with the fact that in “many cases girls aren’t raped” because the exact opposite is true: many girls are raped.

Your statistics are backed up by nothing but “he said she said”. You cannot prove that most girls in those cases were raped. The problem is that in most cases if a girl IS raped they keep it to themselves instead of broadcasting it, which is a problem, but disproves you’re theory about rape cases and how girls who were legitimately raped are called disgusting names. 

Wow. You seriously used the term “legitimate rape” with me?  NOT COOL, DUDEBRO.  My statistics are backed by an organization called “ RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.” RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual abuse organization. RAINN provide technical assistance to over 1,100 rape crisis centers nationwide and serve as the leading information source for criminal justice organizations, the media, allied organizations, and the public on the issue of sexual violence. RAINN has testified before congress and is sort of the “gold standard” when it comes to information about rape and sexual violence. When someone has the bravery to press charges in cases of rape and the information is made public, the victims are often met with bullying, slut-shaming, name-calling and worse. A perfect example of this has happened in Tarpon Springs. If you would like to educate yourself on victim-blaming after a rape case, you can start here. 

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