Vile Teenage Murderer Insults Victims’ Families One Last Time Before Spending His Life In Jail

courtroomLet’s start with the good news. T.J. Lane, a teenage boy who fatally shot three teenagers and wounded three more, will be spending the rest of his life in jail. He was sentenced today to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This monster will waste away in a jail cell and we’ll never have to talk about him again. But before that eventuality, he wanted to hurt and torture his victims’ families one more time.

At his sentencing today, T.J. Lane obviously planned to be as despicable as possible. Under his blue button down, he wore a white shirt on which he had scrawled the word, “Killer.” He smirked and sneered as victims’ family members made their statements to the court, telling of their loss and agony. Then he turned around in his chair and said, “The hand that pulls the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory,” before cursing and giving the crowd the finger.

The waste of life obviously planned his horrible behavior and took joy in making people suffer one last time. It speaks to the obvious evilness of a young boy who would open fire on a crowd of students. And really, what is there to say about someone so totally out of their mind with hatred? Someone who so obviously wanted to inflict pain?

This teenage boy is going to spend the rest of his life in jail, where no one will pay attention to him or care exactly what he does. The shock and horror he wants to inspire will be left to prison guards who roll their eyes at his transparent attempts to be provocative. It’s only in a room with emotionally tormented people that he could actually accomplish his goal and get attention. Now, his chances are over. And I think as a society, we just have to focus on the positive, that T.J. Lane won’t get a microphone or a moment’s notice again.

One of the wounded said it best when asked to respond to the murderer’s disgusting behavior, “He said it like a scared little boy and couldn’t talk slow enough that anyone could understand him.” And this scared little boy can’t hurt anyone anymore. Thank goodness.

(Photo: corgarashu/Shutterstock)

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