Teen With Photo Too Sexy For Yearbook Shows Up Her Prude Peers With A Movie Deal

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Sydney SpiesEighteen year old Sydney Spies scandalized Durango High School in Colorado when she submitted a senior photo that was considered just a little too racy. The image, which depicted Sydney in a shawl and yellow miniskirt, garnered national attention when even TODAY asked the young lady to state her case. And following all that press in January, the teenager has since landed a Syfy movie role to toss in her prude peers’ faces.

Although Sydney believed the decision regarding her senior photo came down from her high school administration, her peers on yearbook staff were actually the ones to refuse the image for their award-winning yearbook. According to one editor by the name of Brian Jamirillo, the young lady’s style compromised the yearbook’s integrity:

“We didn’t want this picture to make our publication seem unprofessional and inappropriate.”

Fair, as the students collectively making an editorial choice reads a little differently than just stuffy adults coming down and micromanaging. But Sydney maintained that her photographic choice was about individualism. She told TODAY way back in winter:

“I honestly think the picture describes who I am. I’m an outgoing person and I really do think it’s artistic. I just didn’t want to be boring. I’m not a person who’s going to stand against a wall and smile.”

Turns out though that Durango High School’s publication can be compromised for a flat fee of $300 — what Sydney and her mother eventually ended up handing over to have her image placed in the back as an advertisement, officially.

The pretty blonde may have chosen to duck out of her high school graduation ceremony, but Sydney has since taken that “outgoing” personality all the way to the movies as her face caught the eye of a Syfy network executive. Come Halloween, she’ll be playing the small role of a sorority girl in a film already in post-production — meaning that your daughter too could be only one scandalous photo away from a potential film role.