The N.R.A Put KKK Hoods on Thomas the Tank Engine and His Pals

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Festering pustule Dana Loesch is the de facto face of the National Rifle Association, so from time to time (usually when lots of people are senselessly gunned down in schools or concerts), we’re treated to her canned talking points and defense of the NRA. It’s a tired schtick, but hey, beet juice isn’t going to pay the bills forever, right Dana? You can set a clock to what Loesch will spew in videos for the NRA whenever a mass shooting happens. But occasionally, even Dana Loesch and the NRA manage to surprise us. Like when they put KKK hoods on Thomas the Tank Engine and all his pals because of diversity. Didn’t see that one coming!

Thomas the Tank Engine is a beloved children’s show. And the creators are diversifying the cast this season, adding female trains and a train from Kenya. Great! Or … not, I guess, if you’re Dana Loesch and the NRA.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not really following their logic here. So because Thomas has a train friend from Kenya now, that’s … bad? During the segment, Loesch criticizes the show’s decision to diversify the cast of animated trains. She says, “They’ve decided that the next stop is Virtue Town.” Apparently, she doesn’t understand how a show about trains can be ethnically diverse. They’re talking fucking trains AND THEY’RE ANIMATED, but sure, the diversity is what’s hard to understand. God forbid we introduce our kids to other countries and cultures via the cartoons they watch.

Loesch questioned how you can bring diversity into a program where every train is painted gray (Nia, the Kenyan train, has an African-inspired face). Well, Dana, putting KKK hoods on them and superimposing them over burning train tracks is certainly one way to do it. How is that their response to a stupid train? It’s insane.

Now, something tells me that Thomas the Tank Engine packing heat would’ve been celebrated by the likes of Loesch and her shitcan organization.

KKK hoods and burning tracks aside, why is the NRA weighing in on cartoons for preschoolers? Thomas doesn’t carry a pistol, why do they care where the goddamn trains are from? It’d be really great if these monsters would just stay in their lane. And it’d be even greater if that lane ran straight into a fake tunnel on the side of a mountain.

Sorry, Thomas and friends. No one wants the stink of Loesch and NRA hanging over them. Go take a nice, long train shower to wash it off, bud.