Breastfeeding To Go: An Ice Cream Truck With A Boob On Top

Okay, so I am one of those women who breastfed my babies but I always resisted the whole “movement” (you know what I mean: those in-your-face ‘lactivists‘ who make you feel like a total crack-whore mom if you dare reach for the formula). That said, I am madly in love with The Milk Truck: a sort of ‘breastfeeding unit’ on wheels created by artist Jill Miller.

Here’s how it works: A woman nurses her baby in a public space a restaurant or mall, for example and let’s just say she’s asked to leave (or, really, she just feels uncomfortable because people are shooting her dirty looks). So she tweets The Milk Truck her location and the details of her situation, which in turn is posted to Facebook, Twitter and The Milk Truck website. Assuming the woman’s based in Pittsburgh, then voila the truck arrives at her location and offers a cozy space in which to breastfeed (it’s kind of like a mobile living room).

On her website, Miller describes The Milk Truck as “a combination of guerrilla theater, activism and a little slapstick humor.” It will be included in this year’s Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum, which runs from September 17 to December 10. To turn concept into reality, Miller is hoping to raise $10,000 in funding by the end of July (so far she’s at $3,679).

The actual logistics of this project are a bit iffy there’s no way a frazzled mom is going to put off feeding her screaming baby until The Milk Truck arrives but I’m a fan of this project nonetheless. Why? Because, simply put, it addresses a woman’s right to breastfeed. And it does so with a welcome dose of humor and creativity.


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