Dear Parisians, So Sorry About The Kardashian Family Crashing Your City With Their Film Crew

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You know what doesn’t belong in Paris? Reality TV cameras. Something about the way a large furry microphone hits the Parisian light just seems wrong. Which is why I’m extending my personal condolences to the citizens of Paris for having endured the true blemish of American culture all over their gorgeous city for a day or so. And on that metaphor of blemish, let me also add that the Kardashians were there. Triple apologies to my friends across the pond!

Indeed, where there is a few reality TV cameramen scurrying over the Seine bridges, a Kardashian cannot be too far off. Daily Mail reports that Kourtney Kardashian, partner Scott Disick, and toddler Mason Disick crashed the city of lights with a camera crew. And if Kourtney’s  leopard print beret with red lipstick wouldn’t turn heads, I assure you that a sound guy and plaid-shirted cameraman certainly will. The family reportedly shot some Keeping Up with the Kardashians scenes at Pont Des Arts and then had lunch at a local restaurant. Provided that those cameras followed them inside, those patrons had a lot more to complain about than a noisy American toddler getting pissy about quiche.

While I know it’s next to impossible to expect the Kardashian family to engage in nearly any activity — even welcoming a new baby — without some sort of accompanying media opportunity, I encourage them to return without a production team. And maybe lose the leopard beret too.

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