STFU Parents: Do Viral Pictures Of Babies Pooping On Their Parents Encourage Other Parents To Overshare?

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3. The #Hashtag #Poop #Storyteller #Haha 



When did it become normal for people to write out full sentences in the form of hashtags? Is this the future of communication? It IS still possible to get a point across without using a hashtag to #sayeverythingyoumean in #onequickburst, #yaknow. Oh, and speaking of bursts, thanks for posting this delightful and essential picture of your poop-covered shorts, Pauline. I never would’ve been able to picture it accurately in my mind without the photo. I’m glad to know Zachary splattered poop on the left pant leg rather than the right, because I plan to paint a portrait of the incident to hang in my home office.

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